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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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discovered this morning, a body off the marinas. a homicide investigation continues at this hour. san jose fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a five-alarm fire at a fraternity house at the san jose university campus. it will be tougher than usual to get a taxi in san francisco starting just about now. the reason -- ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. good afternoon.
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toning our news, a body found in the marina green area of san francisco. it was discovered in the water near marina boulevard and beach street. jade hernandez has been following developments all morning long. she's live now to explain some new developments. >> reporter: this has turned into a multiple scene investigation. a discovery, a body found in marina waters early this morning and over the past few hours, we watched the crime scene grow. >> my son said the trail of blood was fresh when he came upon it and insaw it this morning. it -- and i saw it this morning. it was a lot of blood. it appears that this is -- >> reporter: the blood trail began in front of the u.s. post office branch at beach and buchanan and stretched across the street. thinking it was an animal, his son followed it. he found nothing. he called police. and after 20 minutes he left.
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>> of course, after i heard the choppers and sirens, i thought, let me guess what they found. >> reporter: police searched, they found nothing. >> i mean, cops can only do what they can do. if they don't find a victim, they don't find a victim. >> reporter: they found the body a young white man floating in the water. police pulled crime tape in front of 3611 buchanan showing interest in this article 6 clothing and bay street where police cordoned off a dark green volvo which neighbors say two men had been living in for two weeks. >> i just wondering because we saw the jell-o tape around -- tape around the car. -- the yellow tape around the car. >> reporter: no one has seen those two this morning, which neighbors tell police is unusual. police say the man died from
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his injuries, not by drowning. of course, this homicide investigation continues. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, jade. oakland police are searching for suspects in the shooting that left one man dead and three others wounded. they responded to reports of gunfire around 8:30 last night at 32nd and market street. when officers arrived, the victims had disappeared but turned up at three different hospitals. dionte freeman, 18 years old, died at the hospital at 9:15. two other victims were adult males. the fourth was a pregnant female. bullets grazed her head and back. 28 young men are picking through what's left inside a fraternity house at san jose state. a fire broke out there early this morning at 11th street. one firefighter had minor injuries to his hand. and allie rasmus joins us live to explain why this fire was so challenging. >> reporter: well, the fire trucks are long gone but fire investigators are still out
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there here trying to figure out how this all started. the exact cause of the fire is still not known. but we can show you some of the damage. this is the cappa sigma building. you can see some trees on the other side of the house. that's because the roof here is completely gone. the fire department's estimate on the cost of the damage -- $ $1.7 million. an orange glow lit up the sky this morning. firefighters and ladder trucks aimed their hoses at the flames consuming the fraternity house. >> it was like -- we could feel it like a block away. it was huge. >> reporter: the fire started just after 3:00 this morning. by 4:30, it was a three-alarm blaze. the president of the from terncy says all 28 -- fraternity got out safely.
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>> they said you need to get out now. >> reporter: firefighters had to tackle the fire from outside. >> we were offensive with this fire, meaning we were inside trying to fight the fire directly for about the first hour and then we ultimately had to pull out and go defensive. >> reporter: these photos show the dangers. you can seat fire spreading through the hallways. once the fire was out, fraternity members went back into what was left of their chapter room to retrieve photos, memorabilia and furniture. >> this is decades of history of our house. i mean, i'm still in shock, to be honest. >> reporter: and right now, we continue to see some of the fraternity members going in and out of the house, collecting what is left of their belongings, there's insurance adjustors out here. a lot of the friends of the house coming to give them support. we have seen a lot of hucks out here. the red cross is helping the displaced students find some housing. so is san jose state
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university. the school spokesperson says they are giving the 28 displaced students some emergency funds so that they can replace some of their belongings. back to you. >> thank you. today is the longest day of the year and also a very hot first day of summer. these are pictures of ocean beach san francisco taken a few hours ago. summer got underway at precisely 10:16 this morning. that's the moment of the summer solstice, when the northern hemisphere point the directly at the -- points directly at the sun. air quality officials say the air today could be especially bad in central and eastern contra costa county. steve paulson joins us now from the weather center to let us know just how hot it's gonna get today. >> it won't be 124. but it might feel like it if you don't like anything over 75. temperatures soared 24 morning, they were in the 60s for many. we're already in the 90s. i love it when people in the city say, yeah, it's nice.
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yeah. go through the caldecott tunnel. it's hot out there. no kidding. a dome of high pressure is over us. livermore is at 94. concord's 93. fairfield's 93. interesting in the city, a west wind has started, yet the temperature did jump up to 80. that's very, very rare. 90 in san jose. where is the fog? it's really close. it's really close. it will be here tomorrow. but today is the day to go out and enjoy the beach. i think by tomorrow we'll be socked in. also in about a week's time, we'll have temperatures i think 20 degrees cooler than we have today. more on that coming up. pg&e has restored electricity to thousands of east bay customers. power went out in concord about 3:40 yesterday afternoon to almost 5,000 customers. it also knocked out the traffic light, all but 25 customers had their power restored a few hours later. the rest had their power back by 2:20. pg&e is blaming an equipment failure. and pg&e is being fined $26
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political for a deadly national gas explosion near sacramento. it happened december 24th, 2008. a 72-year-old man in rancho cordova was killed. the california public utilities commission says pg&e admitted it violated safety laws in connection with the explosion. the violations include installing a gas pipe with thinner walls than allowed and failing to test the pressure adequately. the fines still requires final approval from the commissioners of the cpuc. state regulators now have 225,000 pages of pg&e documents on pipeline wells. but it's unclear if anyone will actually read all of them. back in march, workers sorted through documents at the cal palace but an independent panel has questioned whether state regulators actually had the man power to read through all of the papers that they are requiring pg&e to turn over. the cpuc says they've examined everything so far.
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but they say a judge will determine the best course of action for any document review moving forward. might be a little more difficult than usual to hail a taxicab this noontime in san francisco. hundreds of the city's taxi drivers are on strike at noon. this is a live picture from city hall, where the cabbies are circling in protest. they are also honking their horns louddy, as you can see in these -- loudly, as you can see in these pictures. the drivers are angry about the fees they have to pay when customers use credit cards and the delays of city hall over raising meter rates that the drivers have beening with for a long time. >> not fair. we already are paying very high fees. there's no damage to the cab companies, like nobody is going bankrupt or something. it's all greed of the companies. >> the cabbies' strike is expected to last a couple of hours this afternoon.
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but they say if their demands are not met they will go on a full-day strike in the near future. ahead -- a preview of the president's plans to start removing u.s. troops from afghanistan. and cigarette packaging is about to change. ahead, the reason for these more graphic warning labels. and as meteorologist steve paulson mentioned a moment ago, bay area temperatures are heating up fast. ahead, what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> reporter: six pets dead within a 24-hour period. find out why the neighbors think they know who did it.
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san rafael firefighters were called to a fire that began in an old broken garage near the supermarket on san pedro avenue. they've not determined a cause yet but they reportedly believe it was electrical. they say damage was limited to the structure, a vehicle hand a fence. a morning house fire sent one firefighter to the hospital with minor injuries. it happened just after 2:00 a.m. on 23rd avenue near east 17th street in oakland's freight vail neighborhood. eight people es -- fruitvale
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neighborhood. eight people es cased. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of this fire. the red cross is helping out the two affected families. several pet owners owners in brentwood are anxiously awaiting the results of a necropsy. six pets all died suddenly. as kraig debro reports, the neighbors believe the pets were poisoned and believe it was done by a neighbor. >> reporter: at first he wouldn't talk to us. >> i'm going to talk to the police. >> reporter: six pets in this neighborhood died suddenly. five cats and one -- dogs and one cat. and you are convinced you know who it is? >> yeah, way convinced. the house is around his house and the same type of food. >> reporter: two chihuahuas died. three others died during the
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same time period. they all say the pets eight meat laced 3 something. >> he took the -- took the time to lace the meat and cook it. he was planning it. >> reporter: some neighbors suspect dave atkinson because every pet went through his yard and one neighbor found what appears to be canned of -- cans of food in his yard. >> why would he have pet food in his yard if he doesn't have any pets? >> reporter: and an antifreeze container was also found in his yard. >> i didn't put them there. maybe they are staged props. who knows? i didn't do it. >> reporter: a necropsy is to be done on all of the animals today. in brentwood, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a standoff in oakland ended without incident this morning,
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s.w.a.t. teams were called to a home on kairo road shortly before 11:00 last night. police say a man inside the home showed off a gun and barricaded himself inside. mains were told to stay in their homes. the standoff short -- neighbors were told to stay in their holes. the standoff ended shortly after this morning. the lawyer for shane bauer and josh fattal say he was told their hearing will be in july. the three hikers were detained for trespassing. sarah shourd was released last year on bail and was released -- refused to rush for the
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child -- trial. a russian is jet that took off from moscow was headed out and it burst into flames about a half-mile is out. eight people survived the crash but are in critical condition. rescue conditions say is -- rescuers say the fog lights contributed to the crash. there are about 100,000 american troops in afghanistan. that includessed 30,000 surge troops sent there in 2009. some of the president's advicers are pushing for a significant troop drawdown and soon. but others like robert gates are calling for a gradual reduction. ktvu will carry the president's speech tomorrow beginning at 5:00. it won't be difficult to interpret the message of new graphic cigarette warning labels.
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the federal government unveiled nine you? labels today that must cover -- nine new labels today that must cover the package. images of tricky ottgys -- tracheotomies will appear. >> the tobacco industry has promoted images sucked that use of their pro -- suggested that use of their product will bring you glamour when we know the exact opposite is true. >> the new labels must appear on packaging and advertising this summer. speaking of summer, it's at the very first day. 10:16 it started. at 11:00 michael in the city, e- mailed me and said west wind at 7 miles an hour. and sure enough, that's the cut- off temperature in the city at
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77 so far. but there's 80-degree temperatures for some, especially potrero hill, china basin, the north mission. towards the great highway i've seen anywhere from 67 to 70. for the inland areas, it doesn't matter, it's hot! 94 in livermore. 9 in san jose. 93 in concord. fairfield, 93. 48 at the napa airport. 89 closer to town. santa rosa, 88, 85 all over the place. but temperatures seem to edge down a little bit coast and bay because look what's zeroing in on us. that's the fog. it's not far away. it's very shallow. it won't matter for inland areas. they will still be very hot. but i don't think we'll seat any records. san francisco's was 95 back in 1929. so not even close there. temperatures warmed up yesterday, i'll say. really warmed up today. we'll top out and we'll take
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the trend to wednesday and i think by the weekend, we'll see temperatures 20 degrees cooler -- cool erin the inland areas than they are today. the fog is trying to get back but now the west wind will start to take over. still, a lot of sunshine. maybe a couple of hours on the coast. but that fog will start surging up the santa santa cruz cote lines probably tonight and then a very strong system is going to dig into the west. today, if you are inland, it's hot. it's sunny. first day of summer. it's hot, it's nice. we'll get a sea breeze. really mild lows. anywhere from 70s, 80s to 90s and 100-degree temperatures well inland. but i think this will be it. we'll top it out. it will still be warm inland. temperatures, a lot of 90s. along the coast the temperatures will start to plunge, tori. and as they do, that will impact those tomorrow and for everybody friday hand saturday. if everything is correct, i think next tuesday, a week later, we'll be talking about
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60s and 70s. >> wow. >> yeah. >> a little bit of a roller coaster. >> yes. >> thank you, steve. the national park service is celebrating the first day of summer by offering free admission to yosemite. the free offer is good today only. fees are being waived for admission. all oral activities are still in place. -- all other activities are still in place. the vista point street park overred this morning at the corner of bernal heights and -- opened this morning at the corner of bernal heights. there's retaining walls, walking pacts and a sit -- paths and a sitting area. advocates are trying to keep parks in their communities from closing and they are gathered on the steps of the state capitol rallying. they represent 52 out of 70
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parks across california that have been tagged for closure due to budget cuts. they hope to meet with lawmakers to discuss ways to keep the parks open. the theme of the rally is "don't let state parks become a memory." new numbers are just out on home sales. to the left. there you go. that a boy! >> it's an exciting day at the ballpark as kids learn about baseball from world champions.
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the numbers are higher today on wall street as worries easing about any immediate default on the debt by greece. that's expanding the recent bounceback. the dow is up 12,000. nasdaq, up 2%. s&p is up 17. and a new report out today finds home sales are down to their lowest level of the year. according to the national association of realtors, home sales of existing single family homes and condos sank 3.8% in may to a seasonally ajusted annual -- annual -- adjusted annual rate. economists say that's far below the amount of homes sold in a healthy economy. a federal order to clear
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california levees is being challenged in court. the government order is to clear-cut trees and shrubs from thousands of miles of lev es -- levees. a lawsuit filed by conservation groups arks this would destroy precious habitat. some lucky kids at a san francisco sports summer camp this morning, got some big- league hitting instructions. the giants' hitting koch was onhand to give advice to more than 100 kids -- coach was onhand to give advice to more than 100 kids at kim bal field. it's put on by the san francisco recreation and park department. the coach also encouraged kids to get out and play along with
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hitting. the college world series is on sunday. cal state beat virginia. right now they are playingtal and must win to stay a -- and are playing texas a&m. they must win to stay alive.
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man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it!
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